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  • Psychiatry Expert Witnesses

    Psychiatry Expert Witnesses

    Testimony You Can Count On Arrowhead Evaluation Services provides the most objective and unbiased psychiatry expert witness services to help you answer complex answers needed to resolve your claimant’s case. Our medical evaluation experts work hand-in-hand with our selected expert witnesses to prepare comprehensive medical-legal reports to support your case. Large Network of Medical-Legal Experts

  • Orthopedic Surgery Expert Witness

    Orthopedic Surgery Expert Witness

    Need an expert witness to consult and testify regarding an orthopedic civil, personal injury or malpractice case? We provide you with an appropriate orthopedic surgery expert witness to support your claimant’s case and provide evidence-based data at Arrowhead Evaluation Services. With our experienced and independent panel of medical experts, you’re assured of getting the best

  • Orthopedic Expert Witness Riverside & Los Angeles

    Dr. Donald Kim Dr. Donald Kim, M.D. is an experienced and board-certified orthopedic expert witness offering services in Riverside and Los Angeles counties. He holds active and current licensing (California: G058622), issued September 1986 and is board-certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery. If you’re searching for a well-established Los Angeles or Riverside orthopedic

  • Omar Tirmizi, MD | Internal Medicine, Sleep Medicine Expert, Pulmonary IME

    Omar Tirmizi, MD | Internal Medicine, Sleep Medicine Expert, Pulmonary IME

    Dr. Omar Tirmizi, MD is an experienced and board-certified sleep medicine, pulmonary and internal medicine specialist based in Culver City, CA. He’s also a qualified medical examiner in California and works with legal experts and their claimants to resolve complex medical-legal cases involving internal medicine, sleep disorders, critical care and pulmonary assessments. If you’re looking

  • Neuropsychologist Expert Witness

    Dr. Stephen E. Francis, PH.D Dr. Stephen E. Francis, PH.D is a licensed and board-certified neuropsychologist expert witness in California. As an experienced clinical and forensic neuropsychologist, he has testified extensively as a mental health expert witness in civil litigation, criminal, workers comp, family law as well as disability retirement cases. He has been offering

  • Memory Loss IME California

    Memory Loss IME California

    How do you measure memory loss – or tell if a patient is truly suffering or exaggerating  to receive benefits? Those are the questions that a Memory Loss IME is designed to answer. By using an objective third party to quantify memory loss, conduct testing and prepare a comprehensive an accurate report, you can get

  • Medical Malpractice Expert Witness

    Need a medical malpractice expert witness? Arrowhead Evaluation Services is your trusted partner in providing medical malpractice expert witness services. Since 1987, we’ve provided the legal community in California with board-certified medical experts specializing in medical malpractice cases. Our network of practicing physicians can help answer complex medical-legal questions in a way that is straightforward

  • Los Angeles QME

    Los Angeles QME

    Is that injury going to have a lasting impact on the subject’s quality of life? Is the condition they are experiencing a disability or an injury that they can recover from? These questions lie at the heart of a personal injury or disability dispute, and our qualified medical evaluator (QME) team can help you find

  • Los Angeles IME

    Los Angeles IME

    Whether you’ve been injured at work or by someone else’s negligence, a Los Angeles IME performed by our team of experts can help provide clear and accurate information for your case. Our objectivity allows us to provide a true third party opinion that can be used in your case and help resolve things swiftly. If

  • Inland Empire QME

    Inland Empire QME

    How extensive are those injuries – or how profound is that disability? Both parties likely have an opinion, but an Inland Empire DME can help you gain a full understanding of the subject’s condition. A comprehensive, accurate detailed report and expert witness testimony can be used by either side in a dispute, allowing you to

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