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  • Inland Empire IME

    Inland Empire IME

    What to Expect from an Inland Empire IME As objective medical examiners, we’re seeing every patient for the first time; as a result, we have created a patient-centric experience designed to put our subjects at ease. We conduct examinations in a comfortable, welcoming setting and use a variety of examination, medical tests and technological innovations

  • IME California

    IME California

    Our comprehensive and detailed reports and testimony can be used by either party in a dispute to help resolve or settle a claim quickly. From worker’s compensation to personal injury or disability insurance cases, our objective opinion provides insight into an individual’s injuries, the level of care they need to recover and even the long-term

  • Head Trauma IME California

    Head Trauma IME California

    How severe is the injury, and what impact will it have on the life of the patient being examined? Our team of independent medical examiners provides an objective, expert opinion on the injury so that the court and legal team can make decisions based on accurate evidence. A head  trauma injury exam could be ordered

  • Head Injury IME or DME California

    Head Injury IME or DME California

    A visible injury to the head may be easy to see when it happens, but the long-term impact on the brain and quality of life might not be so easily determined. For those who have sustained a concussion or other injury, there may be few or no visible signs at all – but the individual could

  • Fitness for Duty Evaluation

    Experts You Can Count On If you want to ascertain a worker’s fitness for duty or you’re interested in learning more about a client’s functional capacity for work, Arrowhead Evaluation Services is your leading source for fitness for duty evaluation in California. Our medical evaluation experts work with our carefully vetted expert witnesses to prepare

  • Dr. James Michael Fait, MD

    Dr. James Michael Fait, MD

    Dr. James Michael Fait, MD is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and a qualified California orthopedic surgery expert witness, offering services in California. He graduated with a medical degree from the acclaimed University of California Davis School of Medicine, and has been practicing for over 20 years. He is affiliated with Whittier Hospital Medical Center and

  • Dr. Galina Nikolskaya

    Dr. Galina Nikolskaya

    Dr. Galina Nikolskaya, MD, Board Certified by APBN in Neurology, received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology, Magna Cum Laude, from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Ohio in 2005. She won the Russell M. Lawall Prize for excellence in biology in 2005 and a supplementary instructor leader achievement award for her contributions teaching undergraduate

  • Disability Retirement IME California

    Disability Retirement IME California

    With years of experience and unsurpassed attention to detail, our team of providers will conduct a variety of examinations, tests and consultations to determine the extent of your injuries. Once our examinations are completed, the team will come up with a comprehensive report designed to give an objective look at your injuries and outlook. Since

  • Cognitive Function IME California

    Cognitive Function IME California

    Is the patient or subject in question able to care for themselves and make informed decisions about their own care? Are they able to live independently, make financial decisions or work? Cognitive impairment may not always be readily available and an accurate assessment is needed to truly measure the impact of an injury, adverse event

  • California Subsequent Injuries Funds: What You Need to Know

    California Subsequent Injuries Funds: What You Need to Know

    If a disabled worker sustains injuries in the workplace, and already had a prior disability, the State of California provides benefits in the form of the Subsequent Injuries Benefits Trust Fund (SIBTF). The SIBTF was created in 1945 by California’s legislature to encourage employers across all industries to hire disabled workers, without worrying about taking

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