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  • Spinal Cord Injury Expert Witness

    Spinal Cord Injury Expert Witness

    Spinal Surgery Expert Witness Services Dealing with the intricacies of a spinal surgery negligence case can be extremely complicated, and that’s why it’s critical to have a specialist spinal cord injury expert witness to explain everything. At Arrowhead Evaluation Services, we provide not only independent medical examinations to support medical-legal cases but also offer expert

  • Traumatic Brain Injury Expert Witness

    Traumatic Brain Injury Expert Witness

    Need a traumatic brain injury expert witness? We offer expert opinion and litigation support for your claimant’s brain injury case. At Arrowhead Evaluation Services, our panel of qualified and highly reputable physicians and medical specialists are ready to help you. Our ability to combine extensive medical-legal expertise with well-grounded and highly credible analysis that can

  • Inland Empire QME

    Inland Empire QME

    How extensive are those injuries – or how profound is that disability? Both parties likely have an opinion, but an Inland Empire DME can help you gain a full understanding of the subject’s condition. A comprehensive, accurate detailed report and expert witness testimony can be used by either side in a dispute, allowing you to

  • Los Angeles QME

    Los Angeles QME

    Is that injury going to have a lasting impact on the subject’s quality of life? Is the condition they are experiencing a disability or an injury that they can recover from? These questions lie at the heart of a personal injury or disability dispute, and our qualified medical evaluator (QME) team can help you find

  • Inland Empire IME

    Inland Empire IME

    What to Expect from an Inland Empire IME As objective medical examiners, we’re seeing every patient for the first time; as a result, we have created a patient-centric experience designed to put our subjects at ease. We conduct examinations in a comfortable, welcoming setting and use a variety of examination, medical tests and technological innovations

  • Los Angeles IME

    Los Angeles IME

    Whether you’ve been injured at work or by someone else’s negligence, a Los Angeles IME performed by our team of experts can help provide clear and accurate information for your case. Our objectivity allows us to provide a true third party opinion that can be used in your case and help resolve things swiftly. If

  • Disability Retirement IME California

    Disability Retirement IME California

    With years of experience and unsurpassed attention to detail, our team of providers will conduct a variety of examinations, tests and consultations to determine the extent of your injuries. Once our examinations are completed, the team will come up with a comprehensive report designed to give an objective look at your injuries and outlook. Since

  • Cognitive Function IME California

    Cognitive Function IME California

    Is the patient or subject in question able to care for themselves and make informed decisions about their own care? Are they able to live independently, make financial decisions or work? Cognitive impairment may not always be readily available and an accurate assessment is needed to truly measure the impact of an injury, adverse event

  • Brain Trauma IME California

    Brain Trauma IME California

    Will the subject be able to return to their daily life or work after a traumatic brain injury – and what is the extent of damage of that injury? What kind of quality of life and long term impact will that injury have on the subject’s ability to earn a living, pursue activities they enjoy

  • Memory Loss IME California

    Memory Loss IME California

    How do you measure memory loss – or tell if a patient is truly suffering or exaggerating  to receive benefits? Those are the questions that a Memory Loss IME is designed to answer. By using an objective third party to quantify memory loss, conduct testing and prepare a comprehensive an accurate report, you can get

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