• Cognitive Function IME California

    Cognitive Function IME California

    Is the patient or subject in question able to care for themselves and make informed decisions about their own care? Are they able to live independently, make financial decisions or work? Cognitive impairment may not always be readily available and an accurate assessment is needed to truly measure the impact of an injury, adverse event

  • Brain Trauma IME California

    Brain Trauma IME California

    Will the subject be able to return to their daily life or work after a traumatic brain injury – and what is the extent of damage of that injury? What kind of quality of life and long term impact will that injury have on the subject’s ability to earn a living, pursue activities they enjoy

  • Memory Loss IME California

    Memory Loss IME California

    How do you measure memory loss – or tell if a patient is truly suffering or exaggerating  to receive benefits? Those are the questions that a Memory Loss IME is designed to answer. By using an objective third party to quantify memory loss, conduct testing and prepare a comprehensive an accurate report, you can get

  • Brain Injury IME California

    Brain Injury IME California

    Independent Medical Examiners Our Independent Medical Examiners are dedicated to accuracy and detail and stand ready to provide a comprehensive report for your case. A Brain Injury IME can be ordered for many different reasons and can be requested by either party in a case. By using an expert third party with no relationship to

  • Head Trauma IME California

    Head Trauma IME California

    How severe is the injury, and what impact will it have on the life of the patient being examined? Our team of independent medical examiners provides an objective, expert opinion on the injury so that the court and legal team can make decisions based on accurate evidence. A head  trauma injury exam could be ordered

  • IME California

    IME California

    Our comprehensive and detailed reports and testimony can be used by either party in a dispute to help resolve or settle a claim quickly. From worker’s compensation to personal injury or disability insurance cases, our objective opinion provides insight into an individual’s injuries, the level of care they need to recover and even the long-term

  • Head Injury IME or DME California

    Head Injury IME or DME California

    A visible injury to the head may be easy to see when it happens, but the long-term impact on the brain and quality of life might not be so easily determined. For those who have sustained a concussion or other injury, there may be few or no visible signs at all – but the individual could

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