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  • California AME, QME, and IME Psychiatrist

    Dr. Barbara Strong, MD Dr. Barbara Strong, MD is a psychiatry and neurology specialist, and a board-certified California AME psychiatrist, offering services in El Monte, CA. She has wide-ranging experience in general practice and psychiatry, as well as offering Agreed Medical Evaluation (AME) services to attorneys representing injured workers. With more than 40 years of

  • Brain Trauma IME California

    Brain Trauma IME California

    Will the subject be able to return to their daily life or work after a traumatic brain injury – and what is the extent of damage of that injury? What kind of quality of life and long term impact will that injury have on the subject’s ability to earn a living, pursue activities they enjoy

  • Brain Injury IME California

    Brain Injury IME California

    Independent Medical Examiners Our Independent Medical Examiners are dedicated to accuracy and detail and stand ready to provide a comprehensive report for your case. A Brain Injury IME can be ordered for many different reasons and can be requested by either party in a case. By using an expert third party with no relationship to

  • 5 Tips to Becoming an Expert Witness in California

    5 Tips to Becoming an Expert Witness in California

    Expert witnesses play one of the most critical roles in the judicial process. The testimony they provide can ultimately help win lawsuits, educate the jury on complex and technical subjects and determine the outcome of cases in trial. If you want to become an expert witness, there are numerous opportunities that are available for individuals

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