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    California AME, QME, and IME Psychiatrist

    Dr. Barbara Strong, MD

    Dr. Barbara Strong, MD is a psychiatry and neurology specialist, and a board-certified California AME psychiatrist, offering services in El Monte, CA. She has wide-ranging experience in general practice and psychiatry, as well as offering Agreed Medical Evaluation (AME) services to attorneys representing injured workers. With more than 40 years of experience and an impressive professional background working in numerous positions at mental health centers, hospitals, as well as prisons in Southern California, Dr. Strong has gained years of expertise working with complex psychiatric conditions and medical-legal cases.

    Psychiatry is the medical specialty that’s concerned with the prevention, evaluation and treatment of mental, emotional and addictive disorders. Psychiatry IMEs, QMEs and AMEs are often requested in cases where there is some psychological or emotional trauma or injury to a patient or individual that leads to the emergence of conditions like PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder) or depression. Dr. Strong provides independent, objective and unbiased medical evaluation services to attorneys and their clients to assess long-standing ongoing psychiatric conditions brought on by the inability to work or other pressures.

    If you’re looking for a California IME, AME or QME psychiatrist, Dr. Strong is a qualified and certified medical examiner dedicated to helping resolve complex psychiatric issues in medical malpractice, personal injury, workers compensation and civil litigation cases. As a well-recognized California AME psychiatrist, she has provided litigation support in a wide range of problems, including mood disorders, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, substance-related disorders, gender identity disorders, adjustment disorders and other psychotic disorders.


    Professional Qualifications

    Dr. Barbara Strong, MD graduated from the University of De La Salle with a medical degree in Mexico City in 1977. She also did her medical doctorate at the La Salle University and did her internship at the U.C.I Medical Center – 6 months internal and 6 months Rehabilitation Medicine in Orange County, CA. She completed her residency at the University of Southern California, LAC+USC Medical Center. She also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish Language and Literature from the University of the Americas in Puebla, Mexico.

    She holds a CA State Medical License (1979-2019), and is available to conduct independent medical evaluations to support a medical-legal claim or lawsuit. Psychiatric evaluations must be done by qualified psychiatrists who are board-certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology or the American Board of Osteopathic Neurology and Psychiatry. Dr. Barbara Strong, MD has the necessary qualifications and expertise needed to provide objective and credible evaluation reports based on medical best practices and the latest psychiatric procedures.


    Background and Experience

    Dr. Barbara Strong, MD, a California AME psychiatrist, has an extensive background in clinical psychiatry and neurology, combined with 41+ years of experience in the medical and private practice. She has worked in various medical facilities, mental health centers and specialized psychiatric centers across California. These include:

    • General Practice at the Lantern Development Center, Facility for the Developmentally Disabled in Pomona, CA
    • Mid-Valley Health Clinic, Clinical psychiatry, Baldwin Park, CA – NO longer in business
    • Staff Psychiatrist, Riverside General Hospital, In-patient Psychiatry, Riverside, CA
    • San Bernardino County, Dept. Of Mental Health, Staff Psychiatrist, Clinical and Emergency Room Psychiatry, San Bernardino, CA
    • Foothill Community Mental Health Clinic, Clinical Psychiatry, part time, Glendora, California- No longer in business
    • Farmy Plan, General and Family Practice, Part time, Fullerton, California and Other ones – NO longer in business
    • First Western Medical Group, Medical Legal Evaluations, part time, Santa Ana, California – No longer in business
    • Wermed/Med-EvaI, Medical Legal Evaluations Office throughout California – NO longer in business
    • Kern center, (661) 326-2000, Staff Psychiatrist, In-patient Psychiatry, 1830 Flower St., Bakersfield, California, 93305
    • Delano Regional center, (661) 725-4800, Medical Director, Serenidad Partial Hospitalization Program, 1401 Garces Highway, Dehno, California, 9321S
    • Wasco State Prison, (661) 758-8400, Staff Psychiatrist, Clinical/ln-patient Psychiatry, 701 Scofield Ave, Wasco, California,
    • Wasco State Prison, (661) 758-8400, Staff Psychiatrist, Clinical/ln-patient psychiatry, 701 Scofield Ave., Wasco, California, 93280
    • Memorial center, (661) 398-1800, Staff Psychiatrist, Memorial Mental Health Center, 5201 White Lane Ave, Bakersfield, California, 93303
    • Visalia Community Hospital, (559) 624-2000, Medical Director, Partial Hospital program. & Inpatient Geriatric psych, 400 West Mineral King Ave., Visalia, California
    • Pacific Clinic, (626) 962-6061 Staff psychiatrist, Treatrrænt for the Chronically Mentally Ill 1517 West Garvey Ave. North, West Covina, California, 91790
    • Los Angeles County, Northeast Mental Health Clinic (323) 478-8200, Mental Health Psychiatrist, LA County Dept. of Mental Health, 5321 Via Marisol Ave„ Los Angeles, California, 90042
    • ENKI Clinics, La Puente Mental Health Clinics, (626) 961-8971, Staff Psychiatrist, Part time, Outpatient Clinic: 150 E. Olive Ave., suite 203, Burbank, California, 91502
    • State Of California, California Institute for Men, (909) 597’1821, Staff Psychiatrist, Correctional Facility, 14901 Central Ave„ Chino, California, 91710
    • County of Riverside, Riverside ITF, (909) 358-4711, Staff Psychiatrist, Part Time, 9990 County Farm Road, Riverside, California, 92503
    • State of California, Patton State Hospital, (909) 4257000, Staff, 3102 E. Highland Ave, Patton, California, 92369


    Dr. Strong, a California QME psychiatrist, uses her background and experience to help attorneys and their clients understand the complexities involved when dealing with psychiatric and neurological cases, as well as providing expert opinion and file reviews. She has contributed in numerous medical-legal evaluations in claimant, defendant and joint instruction cases.


    Areas of Expertise

    Dr. Barbara Strong, MD specializes in providing psychiatric medical-legal evaluations in a wide range of areas including, fitness for duty cases, personal injury cases, disability cases, workers compensation cases, sexual harassment cases and surgical clearance cases. She works closely with attorneys and their clients to review all available medical records, including prior psychiatric hospitalizations, and records of periods of treatment and observation.

    As an experienced California AME psychiatrist, she’s able to provide comprehensive and accurate evaluation reports that play a critical role in understanding the nature and extent of any previous and current mental disorders or other psychiatric conditions. She also uses her expertise to conduct a thorough clinical interview to include a detailed client’s history regarding their psychiatric or developmental issues, employment performance, medical-legal issues, medical conditions, as well as behavioral problems.

    Dr. Strong was a mental health specialist at the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health and Staff Psychiatrist at the Pacific Clinic in West Covina for more than 10 years, amassing a lot of knowledge in conducting medical-legal evaluations. She has been in private practice as an Associate psychologist for 21 years.


    California AME, QME, and IME Psychiatrist

    When it comes to performing a psychiatric independent medical evaluation (IME), a qualified medical evaluation (QME) or an agreed medical evaluation (AME), it’s important to work with a psychiatrist with experience with medical-legal standards. Using a psychiatrist without an extensive background in performing medical-legal evaluations may limit the usefulness of the evaluation report. Dr. Barbara Strong, MD is a qualified and licensed California AME, QME, and IME psychiatrist with the experience needed to conduct the most complex medical evaluations.

    She is highly knowledgeable in reviewing medical history records, conducting thorough clinical reviews, carrying our mental status examinations and providing an integrated and comprehensive summary of findings, with an accurate diagnostic statement, psychiatric opinion and recommendations for medication, treatment, therapy, rehabilitation, counseling and monitoring. Her medical evaluation reports regarding clinical or forensic findings in psychiatric medical-legal cases have over the years been consistent with the latest medical regulations.

    When it comes to finding the right medical evaluation expert to support a medical-legal case or lawsuit, working with a California QME psychiatrist who understands your needs is critical. Dr. Strong works closely with legal experts and their clients to ensure reliable coordination and management of medical evaluation services. As an independent psychiatric evaluation expert, she’s dedicated to providing prompt and credible medical evidence that helps answer complex medical questions with expert professionalism and care.


    Find the Litigation Support You Need at AES

    If you’re looking for a highly experienced and reputable California AME, QME, and IME psychiatrist, feel free to get in touch with Dr. Barbara Strong, MD at Arrowhead Evaluation Services. Since 1987, AES has been offering the most comprehensive and objective medical-legal evaluation services in California. As one of the most trusted providers of independent medical evaluation experts, you can count on us to provide experienced and knowledgeable experts to perform medical evaluations and offer expert witness testimony.

    Dr. Strong is part of our large network of physicians and medical experts offering professional IME, QME and AME services. Whether you need fitness for duty evaluations, medical record reviews, disability evaluations, medical expert consulting, workers’ compensation evaluations, personal injury evaluations, defense medical evaluations or psychiatric medical-legal consulting, feel free to get the litigation support you need from Dr. Strong at AES. Contact us today.

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