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    Neuropsychologist Expert Witness

    Dr. Stephen E. Francis, PH.D

    Dr. Stephen E. Francis, PH.D is a licensed and board-certified neuropsychologist expert witness in California. As an experienced clinical and forensic neuropsychologist, he has testified extensively as a mental health expert witness in civil litigation, criminal, workers comp, family law as well as disability retirement cases. He has been offering private psychological and neuropsychological consultation and treatment practice from 2011 to present. Dr. Francis maintains his medical-legal private practice in Oakland, CA.

    For more than 7 years, Dr. Francis has provided expert consulting, objective medical analysis and witness testimony in a wide range of neuropsychology cases, including traumatic brain injuries, clinical psychology, pediatric neuropsychology, neuropsychological assessments, developmental psychology, psychological counseling, addiction, occupational and environmental medicine, mental health disorders and various other issues related to mental health. Whether you need litigation support or want to understand the complexities of a neuropsychology case, Dr. Francis is available to offer services as an expert witness.


    Professional Qualifications

    Dr. Stephen E. Francis, PH.D graduated with a Bachelors of Arts, Psychology from the University of Oregon, Eugene, OR in 1982. He went on to attain a Master of Arts, Psychology at the University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA in 1990. His thesis title was Hyperventilation syndrome and anxiety: An assessment on psychological measures and self-report. He also joined the California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, CA, where he graduated as a Doctor of Philosophy, Clinical psychology in 1999. His dissertation title was The effects of long-term opioid therapy on neuropsychological functioning in chronic pain patients.

    He did his pre-doctoral internships at various medical centers and institutions throughout California, including Psychological intern at the Haight Ashbury Psychological Services in San Francisco, CA, from August 1992 to August 1993, Psychological intern at the Marina Counselling Center in San Francisco, CA, from 1994 to January 1995 and Psychological pre-doctoral intern at the Oakland Community Counselling in Oakland, CA from August 1995 to July 1996. Dr. Francis did his post-doctoral fellowship at the Laguna Honda Hospital, Department of Psychiatry and Neuropsychology Service, in San Francisco, CA, from August 1999 to July 2000. His primary supervisor during his fellowship was Michael Drexler.


    Background and Experience

    Dr. Stephen E. Francis, PH.D is an experienced neuropsychologist expert witness in California with an extensive background in diagnosing and treating psychological and neuropsychological disorders. His professional background and experience spans years, working in different capacities as a research assistant, clinician, neuropsychological consultant, behavioral medicine specialist, psychological assistant and neuropsychologist medical expert witness. His administrative positions over the years include:

    • Psychologist at the East Bay Functional Restoration in Concord, CA, from September 2007 to 2012.
    • Private Practice at the Corte Madera in California, from September 2001 to February 2008.
    • Neuropsychologist at the Kentfield Rehabilitation Hospital, Department of Neuropsychology in Kentfield, CA, from August 2001 to November 2006.
    • Psychological Assistant at the Pacific Pain Treatment Center in San Francisco, CA, from March 1996 to June 1999. Howard P. Rome, Jr., Supervisor.
    • Consultant at the Kaiser Permanente Department of Pediatrics in Walnut Creek, CA, from January 1991 to May 2001.
    • Behavioral Medicine Specialist at the Pacific Center for Orofacial Pain and TMJ Disorders, University of the Pacific School of Dentistry in San Francisco, CA from September 1990 to September 1996.
    • Consultant at the Belmont Biofeedback Services in Belmont, CA, from April 1991 to April 1993.
    • Clinician at the Peninsula Facial Pain Rehabilitation Center in Burlingame, CA from March 1989 to September 1992.
    • Consultant at the Phobia and Anxiety Treatment Program, Gladman Memorial Hospital in Oakland, CA, from April 1988 to June 1989.
    • Clinician at the Behavioral Medicine Clinic, University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA from August 1986 to June 1989.
    • Research Assistant at the Oregon Research Institute in Eugene, OR, from January 1986 to August 1986.

    Apart from his professional practice, Dr. Francis has provided his expertise in neuropsychological disorders in teaching at various medical schools, including:

    • Clinical instructor at the Department of Diagnostic Sciences at the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry in San Francisco, CA, from September 1990 to December 1996.
    • Teaching assistant at the Department of Psychology at the University of the Pacific in Stockton in California, from August 1986 to June 1987.  

    Presentations and Publications

    As part of contributing to the industry’s understanding of how psychology and neuropsychological disorders affect how the body and mind work, Dr. Francis has taken part in various presentations, and is also a published neuropsychological consultant and neuropsychologist expert witness in California. His presentations include:

    • The Role of Symptom Validity Testing in the Psychological and Neuropsychological Medical-Legal Evaluation. Laughlin, Falbo, Levy, & Moresi, October 2015
    • The Role of Symptom Validity Testing in the Psychological and Neuropsychological Medical-Legal Evaluation. Laughlin, Falbo, Levy & Moresi, June 2013.
    • Chronic Pain: From Neurobiology to Mind Body Health. Continuing Education Course. California Institute of Integral Studies, 2006.
    • Is Cognitive Impairment A Natural Consequence of Opioid Taking? Presented at the Worldwide Pain Conference. San Francisco, CA. July 20, 2000.
    • Poster representation: Dose Stability in Chronic Pain Patients. Presented at the Worldwide Pain Conference in San Francisco, CA. July 15-21, 2000.
    • Presentations and publications prior to 2000 are available upon request.


    Affiliations and Awards

    As a qualified neurologist by profession, and a highly knowledgeable neuropsychologist medical expert, Dr. Francis is affiliated with various professional memberships, including, the California Psychological Association, where he is a professional member and the California Society of Industrial Medicine and Surgery, where he is an active member. He has also received various awards in the past, including, 1997 Recipient of an Unrestricted Educational Grant from Knoll Pharmaceutical for doctoral research and 1987 recipient of *ARCS Foundation Scholarship (*Achievement Rewards for College Scientists).

    Areas of Expertise

    Dr. Stephen E. Francis, PH.D specializes in evaluating head injuries, any type of post-accident cerebral neuropathy, dementia and any psychiatric or neuropsychiatric disorder. As a well-established neuropsychologist expert witness in California, he uses his expertise in neuropsychology to provide litigation support in medical-legal cases, including traumatic brain injury cases. He’s dedicated to providing the most comprehensive, credible and defensible expert witness reports to help answer the complex questions related to the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of psychological and neurological disorders, and how they impact normal functions and behavior.   


    Reliable Litigation Support

    Dr. Stephen E. Francis, PH.D offers reliable litigation support in cases where a neuropsychologist is called upon to testify about medical-legal issues that inherently involve an investigation of an individual’s cognitive function or mental health, such as a traumatic brain injury cases. Neuropsychology is a complex medical field, and when an evaluation on a client is needed in order to pursue civil cases to obtain damages for neurological injuries or complications, an expert witness may be needed to support a claimant’s case in court.

    When it comes to the roles of a neuropsychological expert, a court may request them to render expert evidence, opinion or even advice, based on their experience, as to actions to be made by the court. For neuropsychologist expert witnesses, a court specifically requests witness evidence based upon observations that are gleaned through scientific research and facts of the case. The role of the expert witness evidence is to educate the jury and the attorney representing the claimant as to case-relevant issues related to the medical-legal discipline.

    With his level of education, professional training and clinical expertise, Dr. Francis is able to provide credible and defensible expert witness testimony that can stand in a court of law, as well as neuropsychology IMEs. He works closely with attorneys and their claimants to answer complex questions, provide facts, address concerns and make clear any uncertainties that may come up when handling neuropsychology-related cases. Expert witnesses address issues related to fault, causation, treatment questions and the amount of damages in civil litigation cases.

    Dr. Francis is a clinical neuropsychologist with a private practice in Oakland, California, and a practicing neuropsychologist expert witness in California, who specializes in the representation of mental health experts in a variety of medical-legal contexts. Dr. Francis’s neuropsychological witness testimony is utilized in both administrative decision making and the determination of disability eligibility, helping the jury decide the issue in the case.


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