Addiction Medicine Expert Witnesses

Dealing with addiction-related lawsuits can be complex. If you’re looking for an addiction medicine expert witness to support your claimant’s case in court, Arrowhead Evaluation Service offers experienced expert witnesses with backgrounds of different practices from within the medical industry. At AES, we have board-certified experts in the fields of internal medicine, pain management, psychiatry, chemical dependency and other medical disciplines to help you.

Experienced and Independent Expert Witnesses

Proving addiction medicine cases in court requires credible and defensible expert opinion and accurate reports, presented in a professional and timely way by a knowledgeable medical-legal expert. As experienced and independent addiction medicine medical experts, we are able to connect you with the most qualified and established addiction medicine expert witness to support and defend our comprehensive and objective medical evaluations and reports.

At AES, we work hard to ensure that you and your claimant get the best medical evidence that helps answer all the complex medical-legal questions involved in your case. Our independent expert witnesses can provide reliable testimony for various medical specialties related to addiction medicine that can stand at trial under any cross-examination.

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The nature of every patient is different and requires various forms of treatment and assessment. Since 1987, Arrowhead Evaluation Services has been successfully matching legal experts and their claimants with the most established and experienced expert witnesses throughout California.

If you’re looking for an addiction medicine expert witness in California, you can partner with us. Request an expert today or fill in our online evaluation form. We can be reached at or 888-888-0098.