Our panel of board-certified, fellowship-trained spine surgeons are available to consult and provide litigation support on spinal injuries. With experience in evaluating injuries from personal injury claims such as auto accidents and slip and fall accidents, our experts have the medical expertise and experience to provide detailed opinions to assist with your claim.

Our Orthopaedic spine surgeon expert witnesses can provide opinions on medical records, perform Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs), and provide expert witness testimony at deposition and trial when needed.

What to expect from our
IME services

Our goal is to conduct thorough medical evaluations, provide impartial medical opinions, and write accurate medical reports. These reports help facilitate the parties involved to reach an agreement or resolve a claim, based on an independent look at the facts.

Choosing the right IME partner is crucial for success. Arrowhead Evaluation Services has over 200 locations that are available throughout Northern and Southern California. Our network includes reliable medical experts and comprehensive IME services to ensure evidence aligns with established medical criteria.

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