What is an IME/Medical Expert?

An Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) is conducted by an objective and qualified physician at the request of an attorney, insurance carrier, or employer to evaluate a party who has claimed an injury. Our vast panel of physicians are experienced in civil litigation, labor and employment, wrongful death, disability evaluations and industrial disability retirement evaluations (IDR) to name a few. When an in-person evaluation is not needed, our medical experts are available to provide a medical record review and professional opinion.

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Our IME/Medical Expert Process:

Why choose Arrowhead Evaluations for your Medical Expert and IME’s?

Since 1987, Arrowhead Evaluation Services has a track record of excellence in providing credible, accurate medical evidence that helps parties settle cases. Our extensive network of experienced and board-certified physicians provide medical expertise, and conduct comprehensive IMEs, while ensuring accuracy and reliability. We offer IME services throughout California and Hawaii.