Since 1987, we’ve been facilitating comprehensive, objective, unbiased and evidence-based medical evaluations and file reviews, helping us grow into one of the top independent medical examination companies in California. We have a large network of experienced medical experts that provide medical evaluations for all types of claims. We develop our reports using current medical best practices and the best evidence.

Get in touch with us to make your IME, QME, AME, or SIBTF process easy to manage and schedule. Our medical experts are qualified to handle any medical liability questions, process documentation, and schedule appointments.

The Most Trusted Name in California Medical Evaluation Services

Arrowhead Evaluation Services provides independent medical evaluation services for attorneys and their claimants throughout all of California. We offer evaluation services in more than 150 cities across Northern and Southern California, ensuring accessibility for you and your client. Our panel of experienced medical examiners offer various evaluation services, including:

  • Qualified Medical Evaluations (QMEs)
  • Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs)
  • Agreed Medical Evaluations (AMEs)
  • Subsequent Injury Benefits Trusts Fund (SIBTF)

Quality Assessments and Timely Reporting

Are you looking for reliable California medical evaluation services to conduct an objective independent examination of a claimant’s medical status? We offer quality Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs) for all types of medical disputes including workers’ compensation cases, civil litigation, and disability retirement. We have a knowledgeable and reliable team of medical evaluation experts who work hard to provide timely reports when you need to resolve disputes quickly.

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