What is a QME?

QME stands for Qualified Medical Evaluator. A QME is a physician who will evaluate your case when it isn’t clear which Workers’ Comp benefits you are entitled to. The role of a QME is to examine you, evaluate you, and write a medical report about your case. The advantage of QMEs is that they are to remain impartial when assessing your injury and then offer a neutral opinion on the case.

Schedule an Evaluation

To make an evaluation appointment, simply give us a call or complete our online Evaluation Request Form.

Our Physicians

Our team of approved QME professionals, certified by the California Division of Workers’ Compensation, includes medical doctors, doctors of chiropractic, dentists, doctors of osteopathy, optometrists, podiatrists, and psychologists.

Our experienced QME doctors provide timely, comprehensive, and well-reasoned reports aimed at resolving any disputed medical-legal issues, which might include causation (cause of the injury), apportionment of permanent disability, work restrictions, disability status, periods of temporary total or temporary partial disability, and future medical needs.

  • Robust and Substantial Medical Evidence
  • Timely and Comprehensive Reports
  • Objective and Unbiased Reporting

Why Arrowhead?

  • Our robust team of proofreaders and editors ensure that every report is of the highest quality and free of internal inconsistencies.
  • Our proprietary software provides constant up to date insights on report volume and referral sources.
  • Our aggressive team of collectors pursue every rejected bill with great alacrity, ensuring that monies owed are paid in full.
  • With over 35 years of experience, our reputation in the workers’ compensation arena is second to none. We manage a highly esteemed group of thoughtful, balanced QME and AME physicians who can be counted on to provide an objective medical-legal opinion free of bias.