Asbestos Independent Medical Evaluation

Are you dealing with a compensation claim related to asbestos exposure? Do you want to understand your claimant’s medical history and their current medical condition? Arrowhead Evaluation Services offers dependable asbestos independent medical evaluation services that provide a comprehensive determination of a claimant’s case. Our experts provide objective and accurate reports to help you resolve your medical-legal dispute swiftly.

Reliable Support for Your Case

At AES, we know that an independent medical evaluation is an important part of resolving personal injury cases, and an asbestos lawsuit is no exception. When dealing with an asbestos case, partnering with the right IME experts is critical. We offer reliable asbestos medical experts and IME services and support to ensure that the evidence and conclusion in your claimant’s case file are consistent with the diagnostic criteria established by the medical industry.

We conduct multiple examinations and provide credible and defensible medical expert reports that provide comprehensive findings and insights into the medical history of your claimant as well as their current condition and future prognosis. Our asbestos independent medical evaluation reports form the basis for resolving complex asbestos claims.

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Want reliable IME support for your claimant’s asbestos case? Arrowhead Evaluation Services is leading source for quick and efficient IME services in California. Since 1987, we’ve been serving legal experts and their claimants, and have an expansive network of board-certified experts ready to serve you in over 78 medical assessment facilities throughout California.

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