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Arrowhead Evaluation Services is your independent third-party medical evaluation expert in Southern California. If you’re looking for dependable Chula Vista independent medical evaluation experts to help you resolve a medical dispute, we’re here to help you. We work closely with attorneys and their clients to help them resolve complex medical-legal cases and provide convenient access to our IME services through our 78 medical assessment facilities.

Credible and Defensible Medical Evaluations

Whether you need an independent medical opinion about a client’s medical condition and future medical care needs or want expert witness services to support your case, we provide credible and defensible Chula Vista IME services for all types of claims, including workers compensation, civil litigation and disability retirement claims. We know that dealing with medical-legal cases can be challenging without the right expert help.

At Arrowhead Evaluation Services, we have a highly-qualified and experienced panel of experts ready to answer your medical liability questions, schedule your medical evaluation appointments and process all documentation.

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As one of the largest Chula Vista independent medical evaluation service providers, Arrowhead Evaluation Services has gained an impressive reputation for delivering flexible and convenient services to attorneys and their clients. Our proven medical assessment process is designed to reduce administrative processes for your case.

Want customer-focused IME services that deliver, speed, convenience, quality and innovation? Get in touch with our experts by sending us a message or call us on our toll-free number at (888) 888-0098