Arrowhead Evaluation Services is your leading Escondido independent medical evaluation service. Since 1987, we’ve helped attorneys and their claimants resolve complex medical-legal cases by providing credible and defensible medical opinions and reports. Whether you’re dealing with a workers comp, civil liability or disability retirement case, our experienced medical examiners are ready to help you answer complex questions that arise in medical claims.

Relentless Pursuit of Quality Service

Our mission is to provide quality medical examinations, fast and accurate medical-legal reports and a proven IME process that eases the administrative work involved when dealing with medical-legal claims. Competence and relentless pursuit of quality service are what our Escondido IME experts strive for with every case assignment. We’re committed to providing you with reliable IME services that are tailored to meet you and your claimant’s specific needs.

At AES, we know that with good preparation, an independent medical evaluation can make all the difference in resolving a medical dispute. That’s why we strive to provide the most complete and thorough Escondido independent medical evaluation services that result in evidence-based reports that can be used in court to support a claim.

Escondido Medical Experts:

James M. Fait, MD – Orthopedic Medical Expert in Escondido

Joseph Mann, MD – Hand Surgeon Medical Expert & Orthopedic Medical Expert in Escondido

Christopher Fleming, MD – Orthopedic Medical Expert in Escondido

Daniel Stuart, MD – Pain Management Expert & Physical Medicine & Rehab Expert in Escondido

Sarah Ray, PsyD – Psychologist Expert in Escondido

Paul J. Marsh, DC – Chiropractor Expert in Escondido

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Want to uncover pre-existing medical conditions? Need clear answers about a claimant’s extent of injuries and future prognosis? Find out what you need about your medical-legal case by consulting our highly skilled and experienced physicians and medical specialists. Still not sure what service is suitable for your claim?

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