Evaluations - Arrowhead Evaluation ServicesAt Arrowhead Evaluation Services, Inc., we have a broad network of physicians who are each authorized to perform many different types of medical evaluations. Among the medical evaluations our medical staff are able to perform are Qualified Medical Evaluations, Independent Medical Evaluations, Agreed Medical Evaluations, Psychological Medical Evaluations, and Divorce Medical Evaluations.

Qualified Medical Evaluations are performed by physicians who are qualified by the State of California’s Division of Workers’ Compensation—Medical Unit to perform assessments on injured employees with the objective of determining disability. Once the medical assessment has been performed, the physician writes up a medical-legal report that is used in court to determine the amount of workers’ compensation benefits the injured employee should receive. Many types of medical professionals are qualified to perform these evaluations are medical doctors, acupuncturists, psychologists, dentists, doctors of osteopathy, doctors of chiropractic, podiatrists, and optometrists.

An Agreed Medical Evaluation is requested by a workers’ compensation insurance company when it needs a medical professional’s opinion to evaluate the impairment or disability of an employee. Once the evaluation is complete, the medical professional determines whether or not the employee has a disability due to a work-related incident.

Independent Medical Evaluations are evaluations conducted by a physician who does not have a previous relationship with or involvement in the medical treatment of the individual being evaluated. Determined during these evaluations are the cause, extent, and medical treatment necessary due to a type of injury that either an insurance company or employer is liable for. In order to evaluate whether or not a person has used up all the benefits they are entitled to from medical care, and Independent Medical Evaluation needs to be executed. These types of evaluations also allow the physician to determine if permanent disability is present after the suggested medical treatments have taken place. Independent Medical Evaluations are also utilized when the insurance company or employer needs an objective opinion of a patron or employee’s medical state. Arrowhead Evaluation Services, Inc.’s doctors can conduct Independent Medical Evaluations to evaluate the person’s medical state as well as any conditions that may be connected to an incident.

Divorce Medical Evaluations are performed when any medical-legal disputes that arise in a divorce case need to be settled. In some cases, one spouse files for spousal-support because they claim to have a medical disability that inhibits their ability to work. Before they are granted support, their claim needs to be evaluated. Divorce Medical Evaluations are a special kind of Independent Medical Evaluation that determines the legitimacy of the spouse’s claim.

Psychological Medical Evaluations are performed when an employer or insurance company needs an evaluation of an employee’s psychological functionality. These evaluations assess the employee’s psychological processes and how their mentality affects their behavior. The only medical professionals trained to perform these types of evaluations are licensed psychologists and psychiatrists.