Are you in need of a fitness for duty independent medical evaluation for your employees? Arrowhead Evaluation Services offers you unbiased medical examinations by one of our expert physicians or team of medical specialists to render an objective opinion on a specific issue or issues. Our fitness for duty medical evaluations are conducted to explore the physical, mental and emotional capacities of employees to effectively and safely perform their work functions or duties.

Want to get clear details about employees’ psychological problems, such as anxiety, depression and confusion that may be affecting their workplace productivity and behavior? Contact us to schedule fitness for duty assessments and get accurate written reports from our experts.

Partner With the Best in Independent Medical Evaluations

Whether you need a return to work or fitness for duty independent medical evaluation for employees, AES offers the best-in-class independent medical examinations throughout California. With over 30 years of experience, Arrowhead’s approach has won the respect of employers, risk managers, insurers, law firms and human resource experts across the state.

Our specialties include:

Why You Should Choose AES

Need urgent fitness for duty evaluations? Worried about an employee’s threat of violence towards others? Maybe you’ve noted changes in an employee’s behavior/performance or want convenient access to qualified medical examiners. At Arrowhead Evaluation Services, we offer:

  • Expedited appointments to handle urgent fitness for duty examinations
  • Rush reports delivered according to your schedule
  • Objective, expert opinions based on accurate evidence
  • Talented team of physicians and medical specialists
  • Expert care and professionalism
  • Over 78 medical assessment facilities
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff to assist you

AES connects you with the appropriate medical examiners for precise fitness for duty independent medical evaluation. Our examiners will obtain medical or clinical information relevant to work capacity issues and provide you with expert opinion regarding fitness for work.

For more information, talk to us or request an evaluation today.