Your Top IME Service Provider

Arrowhead Evaluation Services is a premier Fontana independent medical evaluation service provider, serving attorneys and their claimants across the legal profession and the insurance industry. We provide full-service management of medical evaluations for all types of medical disputes and offer defensible medical-legal reports that help answer complex questions regarding a claimant’s injury-related matters.

Board-Certified Medical Experts

As the most reputable IME experts in Northern and Southern California, you can count on our extensive network of board-certified medical experts, spread across 60 locations to help you access the services you need to evaluate and support your case. Our panel of Fontana IME physicians and medical specialists consists of experts in brain injury, spinal surgery, orthopedic surgery, psychiatry, fitness for duty, auto accident, neurology and others.

We have the most comprehensive IME management process to ensure that you get the support you need for your medical-legal cases without facing administrative challenges. Whether you need IME services, expert witness services or expert medical opinion, you can count on our honesty, integrity and transparency to deliver the best services.

Dedicated Support

At Arrowhead Evaluation Services, we understand the need to have a reliable team to help you resolve complex medical-legal disputes. Our Fontana independent medical evaluation experts play a huge role in ensuring that our clients enjoy dedicated support and a streamlined management process for all medical evaluations. We handle everything on your behalf to ensure a satisfactory experience for you and your claimant.

With us, you’re assured of getting quality medical assessments and timely reports to resolve medical disputes quickly. Contact us today or complete our online evaluation request form today.