A Trusted Name in Internal Medicine IME

Looking to work with board-certified physicians specializing in internal medicine? If your patient has a medical dispute, talk to us at Arrowhead Evaluation Services. We are pleased to offer unbiased and objective internal medicine IME services to help resolve any medical-legal case. Our IME services involve appointment scheduling, medical evaluations, review of past medical records, medical tests, extensive file reviews and presentation of accurate medical reports.

Comprehensive Internal Medicine Independent Medical Evaluation

We have a team of qualified physicians dealing with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a variety of diseases among adults. Whether you need deeper insights into how certain treatment may have affected a patient’s recovery process or third-party opinion to support a medical claim, we have accumulated a wealth of medical-legal knowledge needed to answer key questions in internal medicine practice and resolve any disputes.

Using the latest medical technology and medical findings, we’re able to provide credible and defensible internal medicine IME services in a warm, caring atmosphere. Our primary goal is to offer clear, objective and concise medical evaluation reports, delivered fast.

Our Internal Medicine Medical Expert Witnesses include:

  • Ronald Carlish, MD
  • Avi Hettena, MD
  • Ernest Levister, MD
  • Stanley Majcher, MD
  • Omar Tirmizi, MD
  • Peter Vash, MD
  • Nelhs Betancourt, MD, MPH, DABT

Benefits of Using Our IME Services

Arrowhead Evaluation Services provides IME services for attorneys and their claimants throughout Southern California. With over 78 state-of-the-art medical assessment facilities, we’re able to serve our clients conveniently and connect them with the right experts to manage the entire assessment process. Our benefits include:

  • Quality independent medical evaluations for all types of medical disputes
  • A reliable and knowledgeable panel of medical examiners
  • Accurate, timely and evidence-based reports based on current medical best practices
  • Easy and manageable process to ensure medical disputes are solved quickly

If you need help with internal medicine IME or want answers to complex medical-legal questions, talk to us at AES. Our comprehensive panel of medical experts is here to help you evaluate and support your case. Request an evaluation today!