California’s Leading Independent Medical Evaluation Services

Looking for trusted providers of independent medical evaluations in California? Arrowhead Evaluation Services is an independent third party, dedicated to providing accurate, credible and defensible medical evidence and reports that help answer complex questions in medical-legal claims. If you’re looking for Long Beach independent medical evaluations, you can count on us for expert care and professionalism.

Easy Medical Evaluation Management

When you need an independent medical evaluation partner to help you evaluate all types of medical disputes, we’re here to help you. We manage your entire medical evaluation process by connecting you with a qualified and experienced physician, confirming your medical assessment appointment and ensuring quick delivery of reports.

We work hard to provide the highest level of customer service and to make sure that your Long Beach IME process is easy to manage and schedule. Get in touch with us for unbiased, comprehensive and evidence-based medical evaluations and claim file reviews.

Large Network of Experienced Medical Experts

At Arrowhead Evaluation Services, we have one of the largest networks of board-certified physicians and specialists handling all types of medical-legal claims. From spine specialists to orthopedic medical specialists, neurology experts to internal medicine specialists and psychiatrists to head trauma injury experts, we have a reliable team ready to help you.

Our physicians are also available to provide expert testimony and depositions. All our Long Beach independent medical evaluations are conducted using the latest medical best practices to ensure accurate, evidence-based reports.

If you have questions about a claimant’s medical-legal case or would like to get an expert’s opinion about a specific medical condition, please don’t hesitate to contact us or schedule your evaluation today.