Medical - Arrowhead Evaluation ServicesAt Arrowhead Evaluation Services, Inc., we have an extensive network of medical professionals who are qualified to perform a variety of medical evaluations. Among the medical services made available by our medical staff are Qualified Medical Evaluations, Agreed Medical Evaluations, Independent Medical Evaluations, Divorce Medical Evaluations, and Psychological Medical Evaluations.

A Qualified Medical Evaluation is performed by a physician who has been authorized by the State of California’s Division of Workers’ Compensation—Medical Unit to carry out examinations on injured workers for the purpose of assessing disability. After performing the medical examination, the physician writes up a medical-legal report that is used to establish the eligibility an injured worker has for workers’ compensation benefits. Included among the types of medical professionals approved to perform Qualified Medical Evaluations are psychologists, medical doctors, acupuncturists, doctors of osteopathy, dentists, podiatrists, doctors of chiropractic and optometrists.

When a workers’ compensation insurance company needs a medical professional’s expertise opinion in order to assess the disability or impairment of an employee, they require the employee to have an Agreed Medical Evaluation. The medical professional makes the final decision as to whether the employee does or does not have an impairment or disability due to a work-related injury.

An Independent Medical Evaluation takes place when an individual needs an examination from a medical professional who has not been previously involved in their medical care. These medical exams are performed to confirm the cause, extent, and medical treatment required from a work-related injury or any other type of injury where liability is a matter in question. Independent Medical Evaluations are also performed to determine if an individual has received the maximum benefits from medical treatment or whether permanent impairment exists after medical treatments. An employer or an insurance company can request an Independent Medical Evaluation when they need an unbiased opinion of the medical status of an individual. Arrowhead Evaluation Services, Inc. conducts Independent Medical Evaluations to analyze an individual’s medical status and its connection to a certain event.

Divorce Medical Evaluations are executed to settle any medical-legal disputes that may arise in the midst of a divorce case. Sometimes one spouse may file for spousal-support because they claim to have a medical disability that prevents them from being able to work. A Divorce Medical Evaluation is a type of Independent Medical Evaluation that determines the validity of the spouse’s claim.

When an insurance company or employer need an employee to have a medical evaluation to assess their psychological functionality, they request that a Psychological Medical Evaluation take place. Psychological Medical Evaluations focus on evaluating an individual’s mental processes and how those mental processes affect their behavior. Licensed psychologists and psychiatrists are the only medical professionals that can perform psychological medical evaluations.