Arrowhead Evaluation Services provides quality National City independent medical evaluation services based on accurate and unbiased medical opinion and evidence-based facts, presented in a legal context. Our goal is to provide attorneys and their claimants with independent and comprehensive medical assessment reports. We’re proud to offer you the combined benefits of 30+ years of specialized medical experience and knowledge.

Quality Medical Evaluations On Time, Every Time

We take pride in having the largest network of board-certified IME experts in California who are well versed in offering credible and defensible medical opinions to the specific needs of a client. Consistent medical reviews by our National City IME experts reveal that our experts act in a highly professional manner. We strive to put attorneys and patients/claimants at ease with our proven IME process that is designed to ensure quality service delivery on time, every time.

Our vast IME service coverage, and most importantly, our in-depth understanding and appreciation of individual needs and medical-legal issues, ensures that we provide a comprehensive and tailored response to each medical assessment request that we get.

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If you need truly comprehensive National City independent medical evaluation services that answer all your complex questions and address causation, diagnosis, liability, prognosis, treatment requirements, permanent impairment and work capacity issues in a claimant’s case, talk to Arrowhead Evaluation Services. Schedule an evaluation online or call us at (888) 888-5902.