The Best Neurology IME Services

What impact will the neurological injury have on your claimant’s life? How severe is the problem? As a lawyer, answering these questions is well beyond the realm of what you’re expected to understand when solving such cases. That’s why Arrowhead Evaluation Services provides the best neurology independent medical evaluations in California conducted by a board-certified experts in neurology.

We provide credible and defensible expert opinion and testimony to determine the extent of neurological injury, including: head and neck trauma, memory loss, concussions, traumatic brain injury, stroke, headache, migraine, neuropathy, seizures, epilepsy, dementia, tremors.

What to Expect from Our IME Services

At AES, we do our best to select the most qualified and suitable IME expert to deal with your case. Our neurology independent medical evaluation services are conducted by a team of experts to ensure accurate medical assessments. By working with our expert witnesses, you’ll get a thorough and prompt case review, comprehensive examination and statistical outcomes, identification or current and future needs, and credible testimony.

Our neurology witnesses include:

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Do you need prompt and accurate medical reports and evidence to help answer complex medical questions regarding a patient’s spinal injuries? Our board-certified medical experts are ready to answer your questions, and conduct tests and evaluations with expert care and professionalism.

Get the best neurology independent medical evaluation at Arrowhead Evaluation Services. Get in touch with us at (888) 888-0098 today, contact our team to learn more, or request an evaluation online to get trusted, reliable neurology IME services today.