Credible Neuropsychology IME Services

Dealing with a patient’s case of severe head injury? Wondering what impact the injuries will have on the patient’s life? Our team of independent medical examiners at Arrowhead Evaluation Services works with you to identify a qualified expert to conduct extensive medical assessments, prepare accurate reports and provide the most trusted neuropsychology independent medical evaluation services in California.

Skilled Expert Witnesses

At Arrowhead, our experienced team works with legal experts and their claimants to help understand the complexities of neuropsychology cases. Our board-certified physicians conduct thorough, reliable neuropsychology independent medical evaluations, ensuring that all issues and complaints are addressed.

We have an established neuropsychology IME process that involves a detailed assessment of a patient’s medical history and conducting necessary tests before providing an objective medical opinion that is presented in a written, accurate report – including neuropsychology issues related to traumatic brain injuries.

Our neuropsychology experts include:

  • Balaji Nettimi, PsyD
  • Jeremy Blank, PsyD
  • Michael Carlish, PhD
  • Mi-Yeoung Jo, PsyD
  • Dominique Kinney, PhD, ABPP
  • Stephen Nitch, PhD
  • Adrienne Pasek, PsyD
  • Nhung Phan, PsyD
  • Kimberly Tangen, PhD

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When you choose Arrowhead Evaluation Services, you can expect a patient-centric approach from a panel of qualified physicians, including neuropsychology experts. With over 78 medical assessment facilities, we provide prompt and accurate reports to support medical-legal claims in court.

If you’re looking for a credible neuropsychology independent medical evaluation, Arrowhead Evaluation Services is your go-to company in California. To learn more about our independent medical evaluation and expert witness services, please contact us today.