Trustworthy Neurosurgery IME Services

At Arrowhead Evaluation Services, we understand the complex nature of dealing with brain or spinal surgical procedure cases when conducting neurosurgery independent medical evaluations. If your case is tied to poor surgical outcome allegedly due to medical malpractice or lack of proper care, you’ll likely need a trusted expert witness to provide defensible testimony for your case. For over 30 years, we’ve been working with the leading neurosurgery experts in California.

Experienced Medical Experts

We know that resolving medical disputes in injury cases is not easy. We conduct thorough and impartial neurosurgery independent medical evaluations that enable our clients to facilitate claims negotiations, make critical claims decisions, settle disputes, determine causality, current and future patient care needs and optimize patient recovery process.

From head trauma surgery to spinal surgery, our experienced medical experts review all aspects of neurosurgical litigation cases and match your claimant’s case with the right expert witness to present evidence-based facts and testimony before a court of law.

Our neurosurgery experts include:

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At Arrowhead Evaluation Services, we also serve as expert witnesses to support medical-legal claims in court. You can count on our neurosurgery independent medical evaluation services to provide the level of detail you need to accurately and defensively present your case. We provide you with reputable, practicing physicians who handle different medical and surgical specialties including neurosurgery.

Our experienced staff and physicians stay on board to provide strategic support, handle all the documentation needed and streamline communications. If you’re dealing with a neurosurgical case of true negligence or need credible testimony on a settlement case, contact our team or request your evaluation today.