Experts in Independent Medical Evaluations

Arrowhead Evaluation Services is Southern California’s trusted provider of Independent Medical Evaluations. Our board-certified physicians are experts in determining the cause and extent of medical injuries and whether or not an individual has reached maximum benefit for treatment. If you’re looking for thorough and independent medical evaluations conducted by experienced physicians, you can count on our Oceanside Independent Medical Evaluation doctors.

Reliable and Comprehensive Services

Our panel of reputable Independent Medical Examiners evaluates all types of medical-legal disputes, including workers comp cases, civil litigation and disability retirement. Depending on your claimant’s case or condition, our multi-specialty physicians offer reliable and comprehensive services that you can always count on.

  • Prompt scheduling
  • Fair, objective and accurate reports
  • Excellent communication between client, claimant and physician
  • Diagnostic testing arrangements
  • Document processing
  • Quality assurance and patient-centric service
  • Expert testimony/deposition

At Arrowhead Evaluation Services, we examine patient injuries and provide you with detailed medical-legal reports that help you resolve disputes quickly. Our renowned panel of Oceanside Independent Medical Evaluation doctors utilizes the latest technology and diagnostic techniques to provide accurate diagnoses for a wide range of injuries including physical injuries, head injuries, brain injuries, head trauma and memory loss.

Learn More about Our IME Services

Have a busy caseload that requires expedited medical evaluation services? We offer complete findings and in-depth reporting that helps you make decisions and reach a timely resolution. Wondering where to get skilled physicians to conduct complex independent medical evaluations? We have highly experienced and qualified experts specializing in orthopedic surgery, psychology, neurology, internal medicine, spine surgery and other specialties.

Arrowhead Evaluation Services offers services in Oceanside and other cities in the San Diego area, including Chula Vista, San Marcos and National City. To learn more about our medical evaluation services and Oceanside Independent Medical Evaluation doctors, send us a message or call us at (888)-888-5902.