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Arrowhead Evaluation Services provides objective ophthalmology independent medical evaluation services performed by highly experienced and board-certified physicians. As one of the most reputable IME service providers in California, we work closely with attorneys and their clients to help establish the correct diagnosis, provide credible information relevant to causation, supply prognostic information and also help all participating parties obtain critical information regarding damages.

Expert Medical-Legal Opinion

Do you want to conduct an independent ophthalmology IME to address a specific problem or get credible evidence that can be used to support a claimant’s case in court? Our board-certified eye specialists perform unbiased medical evaluations to assess injuries to the eye and their impact on a client’s vision. Our IME services focus on key areas like causation, levels of impairment and prognostic implications. After conducting a medical assessment, we generate an accurate report in a timely manner to facilitate the resolution of your claimant’s case.

With over 30 years in the IME industry, we know what it takes to resolve complex medical-legal disputes. We provide expert medical-legal opinions, expert witness services and independent medical evaluations in ophthalmology-related cases.

Our ophthalmology expert witnesses include:

  • Babak Kamkar, MD

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Whether you need an ophthalmology independent medical evaluation expert to review a claimant’s medical records or conduct physical examinations, we use a systematic approach to assessing the current condition and future needs of an injured individual before providing a comprehensive, credible and defensible IME report.

At AES, we care about offering objective medical evaluations for all types of medical disputes. Schedule your independent medical evaluation today by contacting us online or calling us at (888) 888-5902.