Arrowhead Evaluation Services has been at the forefront of the IME industry since 1987. Together with our board-certified panel of medical examiners, we provide professional Palmdale independent medical evaluation services to lawyers, insurers, employers and government agencies who need objective and unbiased medical opinions to resolve complex medical claims. We evaluate all types of medical disputes including civil litigation, workers comp and disability retirement cases.

Convenience, Experience and Quality

In an increasingly complex medical-legal environment, the decision to engage the right Palmdale IME experts to conduct a quality medical assessment cannot be made lightly. That’s why at AES, we give you direct access to a wide range of services to ensure your decision to rely on us for your medical assessment needs is made with confidence.

With our conveniently located medical assessment locations and leading-edge quality assurance procedures, you can be sure of getting the best IME services. We’re driven by the desire to provide the highest quality medical evaluations and accurate reports backed by credible and defensible medical opinions from the most experienced medical examiners.

Comprehensive Support and Advice

At Arrowhead Evaluation Services, we know that having access to a friendly, helpful team to help you answer complex questions in medical-legal cases is vital in resolving claims quickly. That’s why we provide the most comprehensive support and advice at every stage of the IME process. With fast report turnaround times and convenient report delivery, you can count on us for reliable Palmdale independent medical evaluation services.

Need more information about our IME services? Call our friendly customer care team at (888) 888-5902, or schedule your evaluation online today.