Arrowhead Evaluation Services prides itself in offering legal professionals with a trouble-free approach to securing appropriate independent medical evaluation experts. Whether you need a Pasadena independent medical evaluation or expert witness services, we offer the most comprehensive IME services in Northern and Southern California. We ensure that medical assessments and reports are completed and delivered in the most timely fashion.

Facilitating Medical-Legal Casework

Our medical evaluation services cover a wide range of medical specialties including orthopedic surgery, toxicology, auto accidents, fitness for duty, neurology, internal medicine, spine surgery, head trauma and neuropsychology. Our medical examiners are conveniently located in over 78 medical assessment facilities, ensuring fast appointments and guaranteed report delivery timelines. With over 30 years experience offering IME services, you can be assured of excellent customer service and support.

When you need professional medical insight from experienced professionals working with a leading independent medical evaluation service provider in California, look no further but Arrowhead Evaluation Services. We help you prepare accurate reports that help you express your claimant’s position in a clear and compelling manner, ensuring fast resolution of cases.

Proven IME Services

With our proven IME services and level of experience, we’re able to serve attorneys and their claimants, through our different evaluation locations. We’re able to manage your entire medical assessment process by connecting you with the most qualified medical expert.

If you’re looking for Pasadena independent medical evaluation services, we offer unbiased, objective and comprehensive medical evaluations and file reviews for all types of medical disputes including workers compensation cases, disability retirement cases and civil litigation cases. Contact our team for more information, or request an evaluation today.