Pathology Independent Medical Evaluation

Do you need a comprehensive medical evaluation to understand a claimant’s pathological condition? Arrowhead Evaluation Services provides expert pathology independent medical evaluation services to help answer complex questions related to the diagnosis of diseases. We help you schedule IME’s with our board-certified medical experts who are committed to offering accurate and prompt medical evidence to support your case.

Objective Third-Party Medical Opinions

How do you know a claimant is suffering? Does the case qualify to receive benefits? These are the questions that our pathology IME services are designed to answer. We conduct extensive tests based on the best industry practices, offer the most objective, third-party medical opinions and prepare an accurate and comprehensive report that forms the basis of resolving your medical-legal case.

Our experienced pathology independent medical evaluation services are designed to provide deeper insights into an often difficult to understand medical condition. Our credible and defensible reports can be used in court and give you the backing needed to present your claimant’s case with unbiased medical expert data.

Request an Evaluation

If you need an unbiased medical opinion in a pathology medical evaluation case, Arrowhead Evaluation Services can help you via any of our 78 locations throughout California. Discover how easy it is to get the evidence and testimony you need for your medical-legal case or statement. Whether you’re a legal expert requesting for an IME or a third-party looking for quick pathology independent medical evaluation processing, you can request IME services from our established network of experts.

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