Arrowhead Evaluation Services provides best-in-class California qualified medical evaluation services in the greater Southern California area. We know that expedient and accurate claims administration is critical in today’s medical-legal environment. Whether you need Qualified Medical Evaluation (QME) by qualified medical examiners or impartial opinion for the purpose of resolving injury disputes, we are your number one resource for all medical evaluation specialties.

Strong Commitment to Quality and Great Customer Care

At Arrowhead, you get access to experienced medical experts and knowledgeable consultants. We have a comprehensive network of medical evaluation providers to serve you and provide superior customer care and a proven quality assurance process. We understand the role QMEs, IMEs and AMEs play in the management of a claim. Our medical evaluation services cater for:

  • California QME workers comp cases
  • Civil litigation cases
  • Disability retirement & other medical disputes

Get in touch with us and enjoy dedicated California qualified medical evaluation services.

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A Trusted Name in Medical Evaluations

Arrowhead Evaluation Services maintains a reputation for the highest standards of accountability, professionalism and responsibility. We’re proud to offer QME, IME and AME services throughout Southern California. We ensure that all medical experts and consultants comply with the latest industry standards, stringent business ethics and professional conduct. You can count on us for fast arrangement of tests and interpreters, expedited medical reports, timely appointments and convenient scheduling.

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