Delivering Rialto IME Services

Arrowhead Evaluation Services is an industry leader in the provision of independent medical evaluation services. For 30 years, we have developed strong partnerships with attorneys and insurers to deliver a sector-leading service offering that includes reliable Rialto independent medical evaluation services. Our medical evaluations are handled with speed, accuracy and the highest level of professionalism.

How Our IME Process Works

We have designed our IME service process to be simple and straightforward so that we can minimize the administrative processes involved for you and your claimant. What you get is a streamlined process that is geared towards helping you resolve medical-legal disputes as quickly as possible. Here’s how our unique Rialto IME service approach works:

  • Contact us directly via email or phone to schedule an appointment
  • Provide particular details about your medical-legal dispute case
  • We evaluate your case and connect you with the most suitable and nearest IME expert
  • We provide you with an honest quote for your service approval
  • We provide you with a clear appointment date, assessment time and location
  • We confirm the availability of your claimant
  • We coordinate everything including the preparation of reports as earliest as possible

Contact Arrowhead Today

If you want a qualified medical expert to answer complex medical-legal questions, Arrowhead provides professional Rialto independent medical evaluation services for all types of cases. Whether it’s a civil litigation, workers compensation or disability retirement case, we have a panel of board-certified physicians to assist you.

To find out more about our IME services in Rialto, feel free to contact us.