Arrowhead Evaluation Services brings you over 30 years of professional medical-legal assessments and reporting. Our team of Valencia independent medical evaluation experts is committed to providing you with quality medical assessments and accurate reports within a responsive time frame. We provide you and your claimant with key medical review findings in layman’s terms, which makes it easier to decide and execute the right steps toward the quick resolution of a medical claim.

Why Choose Us?

Drawing from a large network of board-certified medical specialists, AES’s team provides the most definitive medical opinions enabling clients to make optimal decisions with services designed to be responsive and transparent. Our Valencia IME process is designed to ensure fast booking of appointments, quick matching with medical evaluation experts and timely access to medical reports. We simply set the standards in facilitating the best outcomes for our clients.

With AES, you enjoy:

  • A panel of medical evaluation physicians and specialists
  • Over 100 evaluation facilities across California
  • Fast report turnaround times
  • Industry-leading quality assurance process
  • Medical assessment reviews by our senior quality control team

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Arrowhead Evaluation Services operates under the values of passionate service delivery, integrity, trust and accountability in all aspects of our IME services. Our experienced and skilled medical evaluation experts are committed to providing objective and clear medical opinions to fulfill our mission to provide independent and unbiased information that assists to deliver definitive outcomes for all parties.

If you’re looking for reliable Valencia independent medical evaluation services, partner with us at AES. Contact us to schedule an appointment, or make an appointment online today. Send us an email at, or call 888-888-5902.