Arrowhead Evaluation Services is a California-based provider of Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs) and file reviews. For more than 30 years, we’ve been facilitating objective, comprehensive, unbiased and evidence-based medical evaluations for attorneys and their clients. If you’re searching for reliable West Covina independent medical evaluation experts, we’re your trusted IME experts in California.

Credible Medical Assessments

With our large network of board-certified physicians and medical specialists, you’re assured of getting the most credible medical assessments for all types of claims. Whether you need help resolving a civil litigation, workers compensation or disability retirement case, our panel of West Covina IME experts will help you answer the complex questions related to your medical-legal case and prepare accurate reports to help resolve the dispute quickly.

The AES team is comprised of a diverse group of highly experienced and skilled physicians who over the years have continuously worked hard to earn each client’s loyalty and support by providing excellent service. Get evidence-based medical opinions for your case with our West Covina independent medical evaluation experts.

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Want to work with established IME service providers who are known for providing consistent, unbiased medical evaluations and opinions? Get in touch with us at Arrowhead Evaluation Services. We pride ourselves on our dedication to fulfilling the needs of the medical-legal industry with the largest IME network in California.

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