Inland Empire QME

How extensive are those injuries – or how profound is that disability? Both parties likely have an opinion, but an Inland Empire DME can help you gain a full understanding of the subject’s condition. A comprehensive, accurate detailed report and expert witness testimony can be used by either side in a dispute, allowing you to complete the process and come to a swift resolution.

Inland Empire QME Reports can be used for a variety of case and dispute types, including:

  • Workers compensation
  • Personal injury
  • Retirement disability
  • Brain injury
  • Memory Loss
  • Workplace injury

Our multidisciplinary team consists of doctors and healthcare providers and specialists in a variety of fields. Working together and using examinations, tests and the latest technology, our team will assemble a comprehensive report for your case.

Benefits of Using our Qualified Medical Evaluator

From our intensive examination to our comprehensive reporting and expert witness capabilities, our team of professional medical examiners can help with all your QME needs. Our commitment to accuracy and the high level of detail make it easy for you to present your case in court. We offer an unbiased, objective opinion designed to help you come to a quick resolution for your case. Our expedited services and rush reporting is ideal for those with a heavy caseload or who need a last minute professional opinion to resolve or support a case.

Contact us to learn more about our Inland Empire IME services and to see what we can do for you and your case. Our goal is to ensure you have the up to date, accurate information you need to resolve your dispute quickly.

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