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Join Our Team of Doctors


At Arrowhead Evaluation Services, we have a professional background in the medical-legal industry spanning over 30 years. We have a vast network comprising over 80 physicians offering  independent medical evaluation services across more than 100 locations in California.


Are you a qualified QME/AME expert looking to join an established expert witness network of independent medical examiners? Do you specialize in psychology, psychiatry, orthopedic surgery, neurology, pain management or other medical specialty and want to be part of a talented team of physicians? Would you like feedback from claims experts who know what a great report looks like?

Arrowhead Evaluation Services offers:

  • The highest reimbursements for medical experts
  • Clean, modern facilities
  • US-based professional, accurate transcription, with QA by claims experts
  • Medical history and record review services
  • Professional staff that care about your reputation and your medical/legal practice
  • Dynamic marketing staff and networking opportunities with clients

Enjoy efficient and effective IME/QME/AME processes by joining our team of medical experts today.

Taking good doctors, making them even better

Our focus is not just to build the largest expert witness network of physicians, but to ensure that our associates are able to reach their fullest potential, by providing ongoing training and professional development. Reputation and credible reports matter in our industry – it’s our people, our personal touch and streamlined medical evaluation process management that make the difference.

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You + Us: Together, We’re Better

Join our team and leverage the expertise, infrastructure, and results that we have developed since 1987. Learn more about how to join one of California’s best Qualified Medical Evaluators (IME, QME, SIBTF) groups by talking to one of our representatives today.

Call us at (888) 888-0098 or email us at


    AES physicians perform QME, AME and IME services throughout California to help facilitate all your needs.

Arrowhead Evaluation Services
Please complete the following form and we will be in touch shortly. Arrowhead is committed to providing timely, professional and well-documented medical evaluation needs for QME, IME and AME in California.