Los Angeles QME

Is that injury going to have a lasting impact on the subject’s quality of life? Is the condition they are experiencing a disability or an injury that they can recover from? These questions lie at the heart of a personal injury or disability dispute, and our qualified medical evaluator (QME) team can help you find the answers you need. Our Los Angeles QME team will conduct a comprehensive patient exam in a comfortable setting and then provide an accurate and detailed report for your case.

Benefits of a Los Angeles QME

Our team of experienced medical providers included specialists in a variety of fields to ensure that you get a comprehensive report designed to provide an objective, third party opinion for your case. Our qualified medical evaluator can provide expert witness testimony as needed to present our findings. Having information that is truly objective removes any bias and ensures that all parties have the details they need to resolve the dispute swiftly.

Our multidisciplinary team consists of specialists in a variety of fields, from psychiatry to orthopedic surgery; we use a variety of examinations, medical testing and technology to prepare a comprehensive repot for your case. Since every patient we see is new to us, we’ve created a comfortable environment designed to put our subjects at ease; the process is fast, easy and stress free.

We’re Here to Help

Our comprehensive and accurate DME reports and expert witness testimony is designed to help you get an objective idea about the patient’s injuries, the extent of their disability and the impact it will have on their quality of life. Our rush and expedited services allow you to get the information you need to resolve your case and ensure that you have a full understanding of the true damages sustained by the patient. Contact us to learn more about our QME services and to find out what we can do for you.

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