Orthopedic Surgery Expert Witness

Need an expert witness to consult and testify regarding an orthopedic civil, personal injury or malpractice case? We provide you with an appropriate orthopedic surgery expert witness to support your claimant’s case and provide evidence-based data at Arrowhead Evaluation Services. With our experienced and independent panel of medical experts, you’re assured of getting the best orthopedic surgeons and specialists for the toughest orthopedic surgery medical-legal cases.

Our medical expert witnesses conduct the latest research, write clear and accurate reports and define the standard of care in orthopedic surgery and witness reporting.

We Help You Resolve Claims Quickly

Our start-to-finish litigation support model, led by board-certified physicians and a qualified support team, is designed to help you resolve orthopedic negligence cases or claims as swiftly as possible. We evaluate and pick each orthopedic surgery expert witness based on the specific needs of your case. Each orthopedic malpractice case we handle starts with a complimentary consultation to formulate a case strategy and understand the exact needs of your claimant’s case.

Our medical expert witnesses are experienced with a full range of orthopedic surgeries, including those related to the back, ankle, knee, neck, spine, hand, foot, shoulder, and wrist. Our orthopedic surgery expert witnesses include:

Reliable Expert Witness Testimony

Whether you’re dealing with the loss of function resulting from poor orthopedic surgery outcome or want to get an expert opinion to support your case, we’re able to provide you with reliable expert witness testimony. Supporting expert opinion and testimony is nearly always necessary in litigation involving medical malpractice cases. We provide you with an expert orthopedic surgery expert witness to uncover and substantiate the true facts of your claimant’s case.

Our orthopedic specialists at AES conduct medical reviews, interpret imaging and take into account prior clinical history and established medical practices to help resolve your orthopedic negligence case. Get access to truly knowledgeable experts in this area and establish legal merit and success for your case.

To learn more about our expert witness services, contact us today.

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