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A reliable pediatric psychiatry independent medical evaluation from an unbiased expert witness is crucial for many pediatric psychiatry-related cases. With more than 30 years experience working in the medical-legal services industry, Arrowhead Evaluation Services has the knowledge, expertise, and network you need when seeking a thorough, credible pediatric psychiatry IME.

What to Expect from Our IME Services

Our pediatric psychiatry independent medical evaluation services provide medical insight from experienced professionals in the field. We understand the sensitivity surrounding cases involving children, which is why our pediatric psychiatry expert witness services are focused on quickly revealing the facts and specifics of your particular case in an easy way for all parties to understand. We help you prepare accurate reports that help you express your claimant’s position in a clear and compelling manner, ensuring fast resolution of cases.

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Whether your case involves antisocial personal disorder, cognitive behavioral therapy, child psychiatry, adolescent mental health issues or anxiety disorder, we have a pediatric psychiatric expert ready to conduct a professional, unbiased pediatric psychiatry IME.

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