Gregg Baringoldz, PhD

Specialty: Psychology

Services: IME

Education: Ball State University; Muncie, IN

Dr. Baringoldz’s experience in clinical and forensic psychology spans over 2 ½ decades. Graduating with honors from a doctoral program approved by the American Psychological Association, he also completed an APA-approved clinical psychology internship at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda Maryland.

As a Naval officer and military psychologist, Dr. Baringoldz became the Head of the Psychology Division of the Department of Mental Health at the Naval Regional Medical Center in Long Beach California. While there, he directed medical center based mental health programs, providing mental health assessment and treatment services for a culturally diverse population which included hospital personnel and ship-based active duty personnel, as well as for active duty personnel and their dependents at nearby Marine, Air Force, and Coast Guard facilities. In this capacity, he also performed Fitness for Duty evaluations, competency and sanity assessments, evaluations of service members for specialized duty assignments such as law enforcement and submarine and high security clearances, as well as assessing and treating victims and first responders involved in military maritime and aviation accidents and disasters. In addition, Dr. Baringoldz regularly consulted with military attorneys in providing expert opinions and testimony for forensic cases, including attempted murder and treason. Prior to completing his military service, Dr. Baringoldz served in the combat region of Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Storm. While there, he participated in establishing a large combat exhaustion center for the assessment and treatment of combatants with PTSD and other acute mental health issues.

Since entering full time independent practice in 1991, Dr. Baringoldz has been able to develop and maintain a robust and multifaceted clinical and forensic practice in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Clinically, he has continued to work with children, adolescents and adults with a wide range of mental health and substance abuse-related issues in inpatient and outpatient settings. In addition, Dr. Baringoldz works with couples and families, as well as providing Critical Incident Debriefing interventions for groups and organizations who have experienced traumatic events. His involvement in employment-related issues has blossomed into increased involvement in evaluating and treating injured workers in the Worker’s Compensation system, performing Qualified Medical Examinations (QME) and Agreed Medical Examinations (AME) for workers and attorneys, as well as performing Independent Medical Evaluations (IME) and Fitness for Duty Evaluations (FFD) on a regular basis. Dr. Baringoldz also greatly enjoys performing forensic work, interacting with attorneys and the court system in conducting conservatorship evaluations, medical-legal record reviews, and providing expert opinions and testimony.

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