Romina Ghassemi-Aval, DC

Specialty: Chiropractic

Services: QME, SIBTF

Education: Doctorates of Chiropractic: University of Applied Health & Sciences

• Spinal Correction Chiropractic Biophysics, 2001
• Spinal Correction, 2004
• Treatment of Scoliosis, Spine Core Foundation, 2012
• Innovative Product of 2014, Awarded Winner by Med-trade & HomeHealth
• Innovator of Medicare Approved Medical Device

Dr. Ghassemi-Aval specializes in posture bio-mechanics and functional movements. She has advanced training in chiropractic biophysics, scoliosis treatments & neurology, spinal correction programs, and ergonomics. She is also a registered patent holder with the United States Patent Office and innovator of 3 Medical, Medicare approved devices for upper and lower spine.
In addition to practicing in her own private practice, Dr. Ghassemi-Aval performs
numerous medicolegal evaluations each year.
Dr. Ghassemi-Aval is a highly trained, experienced chiropractor and is available for medicolegal evaluations.

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