D. Rosemarie Reynolds, PhD

Specialty: Psychology

Services: QME

Education: PhD: California School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Reynolds is a Licensed CA Psychologist. She is experienced in Clinical & Forensic Interviewing & Assessment, Clinical and Addictions Treatment, Report Writing, Teaching, Leadership, Program Development.  Dr. Reynolds believes that injuries at work are not only physical but also cause emotional distress. The emotional stress of losing your normal functioning as a result of being injured on the job is often unseen. Treating injured workers as a psychologist for over 30 years has shown her the immense mental stress involved with physical injuries.

As a Qualified Medical Evaluator for 23 years, she identifies and documents the hidden injuries to the psychological body such as stress and mental anguish so difficult for many people to talk about. She helps the client talk about stress and documents in a way that attorneys, medical personnel and judges understand the impact of the injuries.

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