SIF Qualified Medical Evaluations

Comprehensive SIF Case IMEs

Dealing with a Subsequent Injuries Fund (SIF) case? At Arrowhead Evaluation Services, we help you and your claimant solve complex workers compensation cases by offering the most comprehensive SIF Qualified Medical Evaluations. Our board-certified medical experts provide objective medical evaluations to determine a claimant’s true extent of injuries, physical impairments and prognosis for recovery.

Independent and Credible IMEs

We conduct a comprehensive review of a claimant’s history, a detailed one-on-one interview and extensive medical assessment to ensure that you get a detailed and accurate report that meets the requirements of the subsequent injuries benefits funds. Our credible and defensible medical reports help support subsequent injuries benefits fund cases, ensuring that claimants get the deserved disability benefits for their injuries.

At Arrowhead, we know that solving complex medical-legal cases can be challenging. That’s why we make it easy for you and your claimant by taking care of the medical evaluation appointment management process and ensuring that reports are delivered in the fastest time possible to resolve SIF cases quickly.

A Team of Dedicated Medical Professionals

Whether you need an expert in spine surgery, internal medicine, head trauma, orthopedic surgery, neurology or another medical specialty to conduct SIF Qualified Medical Evaluations, you’ve come to the right place. We have built an experienced panel of dedicated medical professionals specializing in all medical disciplines.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that a patient’s injuries are thoroughly examined, and accurate medical-legal reports prepared to help resolve SIF disputes. With a network of medical assessment facilities spread over 78 locations in Northern and Southern California, you can easily access our IME services conveniently. Contact us with any questions or schedule your evaluation today.

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