Independent Medical Evaluation

Arrowhead Evaluation Services is the most trusted independent medical evaluation services provider for attorneys and their claimants all over Northern and Southern California. With over 78 medical evaluation facilities, you can easily access our IME services. Wondering about the benefits of an independent medical evaluation for you and your claimant’s case? We help facilitate objective, comprehensive and evidence-based medical evaluations and file reviews.

Why Get an IME?

An independent medical evaluation is conducted to determine the status and condition of a claimant in a medical dispute case. At AES, we have an established IME process that ensures you and your claimant benefit from our streamlined medical assessment and reporting process. What are the benefits of an IME?

  • Thorough evaluation of a claimant’s medical history is done
  • IME experts answer complex questions related to your claimant’s case
  • Comprehensive medical tests are done based on the latest industry practices
  • Independent and objective medical opinion is provided
  • Complex questions such as causation, apportionment, and future medical care
  • Credible and accurate reports are provided to help resolve claims in a timely manner

With AES, expect to get the best-in-class IME services. We know that accurate and expedient claims administration is critical when resolving medical-legal cases. That’s why we provide the most dependable IME services for your needs.

Large Network of IME Experts

As one of the top IME providers in California, we’re committed to providing an extensive network of physicians to provide credible and defensive IME services for all types of medical claims. We take you through the benefits of an independent medical evaluation and ensure timely appointments and convenient medical assessment scheduling.

Do you need an independent medical evaluation? Contact us our team at Arrowhead today.