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California Independent Medical Evaluation Services and Medical Experts

Arrowhead Evaluation Services is a leading provider of independent medical evaluations and reports, used to assist in the resolution of personal injury cases. From providing IMEs for workers’ compensation cases to providing high quality independent medical-legal reports and answering your complex questions, we serve attorneys and their claimants across the legal profession and insurance industry. We offer customer focused California independent medical evaluation services that deliver convenience, innovation, speed and quality.

Comprehensive Panel of Medical Experts

We bring you a comprehensive panel of experienced and qualified medical experts specializing in orthopedic surgery, psychology, spine surgery, traumatic brain injury (TBI), urology, ophthalmology, internal medicine, psychiatry, neurology, chiropractic, pain management, podiatry, general/vascular surgery, ENT and other areas of medical expertise. Browse through our large network for defense medical, medical record reviews, fitness for duty and disability evaluation experts as well as our California medical expert witness directory.

You can count on our extensive network of 80 physicians, spread out over 60 locations in Southern California, to help you evaluate and support your case.

A Trusted Name in Medical Evaluations

At Arrowhead Evaluation Services, we’re driven by our strong values of service efficiency, commitment, knowledge and client partnership. Want reliable IME support for your claimant’s personal injury case? We offer California independent medical evaluation services quickly and efficiently, ensuring quality, every time. With our years of experience and ongoing training, you can be sure that our network of medical experts is highly knowledgeable and understand exactly what you and your claimant need.

Our strong partnership with our clients ensures that we simply deliver a service that is second to none. Schedule an appointment and get independent, responsive, informed and defense medical evaluations today. Give us a call at (888) 888-5902.

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