Arrowhead Evaluation Services proudly offers the best Downey independent medical evaluation services to support medical-legal claims. We have an expansive network of reputable physicians comprised of board-certified, active medical practitioners handling different medical specialties. Whether you’re dealing with a memory loss case, orthopedic surgery case, traumatic brain injury case or any other medical dispute that requires expert opinion, we’re here to help you.

Enjoy In-Depth IME Reporting

Our multidisciplinary team of medical examiners conducts comprehensive medical evaluations and medical tests in a comfortable and convenient setting to ensure the patient is at ease. Our Downey IME services are designed to provide deeper insights into the extent of damage and likely prognosis of a patient and provide an objective and unbiased medical opinion that can help resolve medical disputes quickly.

Enjoy in-depth IME reporting at AES. Our accurate medical evaluation reports are highly detailed and can be used by either party in a court case. We provide complete medical findings and expert witness testimony that can be used to support a medical-legal claim.

Downey Medical Experts:

K. Adam Anees, MD – Neurologist Medical Expert in Downey

Neil J. Halbridge, MD – Orthopedic Medical Expert in Downey

James M. Fait, MD – Orthopedic Medical Expert in Downey

Hose Kim, MD – Orthopedic Medical Expert & Foot & Ankle Expert in Downey

Rodney J. Reid, MD – Psychiatry Medical Expert in Downey

Dominique Kinney, PhD – Neuropsychologist Expert in Downey

Omar Tirmizi, MD – Internal Medicine Expert, Pulmonology Expert in Downey

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Arrowhead Evaluation Services provides trusted reports so you can get the necessary details you need to resolve your claimant’s medical dispute swiftly. Contact us to learn more about our Downey independent medical evaluation services and see what we can do for you and your caseload. Send us an email at, or call 888.888.0098.