Orthopedic Surgery IME

Comprehensive Orthopedic Surgery IME Services

Are you dealing with medical complications after orthopedic surgery? Wondering what impact the complications will have on the patient being examined? Arrowhead Evaluation Services provides independent and objective orthopedic surgery IME services. We have a qualified team of board-certified orthopedic surgeons ready to conduct independent medical evaluations and provide credible and defensible reports to resolve medical-legal disputes fairly and swiftly.

Orthopedic Surgery Independent Medical Examiners

As one of the leading orthopedic surgery Independent Medical Evaluation providers in California, we work with legal experts and their claimants to help them understand the complexities of orthopedic surgery malpractice cases. Our independent orthopedic surgeons conduct extensive, unbiased, thorough and impartial medical examinations of the injured party, ensuring that all issues and complaints are addressed during evaluation.

To ensure correct medical assessments, we have an established and proven orthopedic surgery IME process that involves a detailed assessment of a patient’s medical history and conducting necessary tests before providing an objective medical opinion that is presented in a written, accurate report. Our impartial reports and opinions can be used to support medical-legal claims related to medical issues surrounding the back, feet, and other areas covered under orthopedics.

Our Orthopedic Surgery Medical Expert Witnesses include:

  • Hose Kim, MD
  • Donald Kim, MD
  • James M. Fait, MD
  • Scott Graham, MD
  • Mark Howard, MD

Why Choose Arrowhead?

At Arrowhead Evaluation Services, back, feet, and other orthopedic surgery cases are our specialty. We also handle other medical-legal cases in a wide range of medical specialties including head, brain and spinal injuries. When you choose AES, expect:

  • A patient-centric approach that is focused on ensuring patients are at ease
  • A panel of experienced, qualified physicians, including orthopedic surgeons
  • Over 78 medical assessment facilities to ensure easy access wherever you are
  • Prompt and accurate reports to support medical-legal claims in court
  • Expedited IME appointments and rush reports
  • Knowledgeable and friendly staff
  • Expert care and professionalism

We also provide unbiased expert witness & testimony services in medical-legal cases. If you have questions about our orthopedic surgery IME services or want to schedule an appointment, we’re here to help you. Contact us today!

Arrowhead Evaluation Services
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