Your Premier Independent Medical Examiners

Arrowhead Evaluation Services provides unbiased and independent medical evaluations to provide critical information and evidence needed to support medical-legal cases. If you’re looking for impartial Huntington Park independent medical evaluation services, we provide provide objective and fair reporting for every medical-legal case that we handle.

Complete Case Management

How extensive are the claimant’s injuries? Are there any possible future treatment needs? How do you schedule medical assessments? At Arrowhead, we handle every process of your Huntington Park IME needs including scheduling appointments, documentation, medical history evaluation, medical tests and reporting to ensure a satisfactory case management process.

We answer all your complex questions regarding your medical evaluation needs and provide expedited services and rush reporting for clients dealing with heavy caseloads or those who need last minute professional medical opinion to support or resolve a medical dispute. Our qualified medical experts can also provide expert witness testimony to present our findings.

Dependable IME Services

Are you dealing with a complex brain injury case? Need clear answers regarding fitness for duty evaluation request? Our panel of certified medical experts is ready to serve you. With numerous medical assessment facilities in different locations, we’re able to provide dependable Huntington independent medical evaluation services for different medical-legal cases.

Our medical experts specialize in orthopedic surgery, brain surgery, spinal surgery, fitness for duty, auto accident, neurology, toxicology and neuropsychology and other medical specialties. We create comprehensive reports that provide an objective, true third-party opinion of your case, ensuring that disputes are solved swiftly. To learn more about IME services, don’t hesitate to contact us or fill out our online evaluation request form today.