When you want to resolve or settle an injury or disability claim swiftly, trust Arrowhead Evaluation Services. We provide a panel of Inland Empire independent medical evaluation specialists to prepare detailed and defensible reports and expert testimony that can be used to resolve disputes. Whether you’re dealing with a disability retirement, workers compensation or civil litigation case, we’re here to help you evaluate all types of medical cases.

Our Industry Leading IME Services

The backbone of our independent medical evaluation services is our large physical network of over 78 medical assessment facilities. With our large panel of independent physicians, we’re able to provide the most comprehensive and objective opinions and recommendations while ensuring the highest industry standards.

Our medical experts cover a large number of specialties and subspecialties:

Our impartial Inland Empire independent medical evaluation services help resolve complex medical-legal issues in injury claims. If you need an expert witness, we’re able to present our findings to ensure your disability or injury is understood by all parties.

Benefits of Working with AES

At Arrowhead Evaluation Services, our IME services are founded on principles of integrity, ethics and quality assurance. We work with clients and their claimants to help them get the pertinent information they need to make effective claims decisions. All medical evaluations are conducted by the most appropriate medical specialist. Our benefits include:

  • Truly comprehensive and legally robust medical assessments
  • Accurate, credible and defensible reports
  • Expedited appointment scheduling and reports delivery
  • Established best practices that can meet all your IME needs
  • Best in class panel of physicians and medical specialists
  • Welcoming assessment facilities and friendly staff

Need clear answers to medical-legal questions regarding an injury case? Arrowhead’s Inland Empire independent medical evaluation experts are here to answer your questions and address your needs. Contact us today!