Get Accredited Independent Medical Examinations

Arrowhead Evaluation Services provides lawyers and legal teams with impartial, objective and accredited Independent Medical Examinations in compliance with California State Laws. Our experienced Orange County Independent Medical Evaluation doctors and knowledgeable support staff provide accurate and detailed reports as well as testimonies that can be used in medical-legal disputes to help settle or resolve claims quickly.

From personal injury cases to workers’ compensation cases or disability insurance cases, our expertise in medical evaluations ensures that you get clear insights into a claimant’s injuries, the level of care needed to recover and even the long-term effects that their injuries will have. You can count on our reputable physicians to provide detailed reports that you can rely on to make critical decisions.

Our Benefits

Arrowhead Evaluation Services offers the following benefits:

  • An extensive network of regulated health professionals and medical specialists
  • A network covering a range of medical fields, including spine specialists, orthopedic experts, neurology experts, and toxicology experts.
  • Quick access to expert, impartial medical evaluations
  • Easy referral options
  • Full assessment coordination and document management
  • Accurate reports and timely delivery

We recognize our customers’ needs for reliable medical assessment solutions, and that’s why we take a problem-solving approach to every aspect of our independent medical evaluation services. Our Orange County Independent Medical Evaluation doctors at AES strive to provide comprehensive solutions that help solve medical-legal challenges every step of the way.

Enjoy Industry-Leading Services

Arrowhead Evaluation Services has over the years developed a long-term relationship with lawyers and legal teams to deliver a sector-leading service that offers a range of medical examinations including Independent Medical Evaluations (IME), Qualified Medical Evaluations (QME) and Agreed Medical Evaluations (AME). Our services are built around the pillars of speed, quality, and independence.

All AES medical-legal reports are thoroughly checked for quality assurance, presentation accuracy, compliance with civil procedural rules and the presence of a clear prognosis. If you need fast and efficient independent medical examinations, talk to us to book an appointment.