Need an orthopedic medical expert witness to testify in a personal injury case? Arrowhead Evaluation Services connects you with the most qualified orthopedic expert witness to support your claimant’s case in court. We have a panel of board-certified medical specialists who work with you every step of the way to conduct thorough and objective medical assessments which form the basis of evidence-based medical testimony that can withstand scrutiny in court.

Credible Expert Witness Testimony

We know that proving the extent of a claimant’s injuries and future treatment needs can be complicated, especially when dealing with complex medical disputes. That’s why we use the latest medical assessment procedures backed by our cutting-edge quality procedures and expertise to provide you with the most comprehensive medical analysis and clear and precise expert witness reports to support a claimant’s case.

Our end-to-end litigation support procedure, led by our experienced and reputable orthopedic experts and dedicated support team, is designed to help you resolve medical disputes as quickly as possible by providing you with thorough medical evidence. Our orthopedic medical experts are available to perform independent medical evaluations throughout the state of California. We evaluate each case and select the most appropriate orthopedic medical expert witness to formulate a strong case strategy and help you resolve your case.

Orthopedic Experts Throughout California:

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Whatever type of orthopedic surgery case you’re dealing with, from back, ankle, knee, neck, spine to foot and hand surgery, we have the right orthopedic experts to handle your needs.

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