Trusted Psychiatry IME Services

Arrowhead Evaluation Services offers psychiatry independent medical evaluations consulting on medical-legal cases. We have a qualified team of board-certified psychiatry experts ready to conduct independent medical evaluations and provide credible and defensible reports to resolve medical-legal disputes fairly and swiftly.

Professional Expert Witness Services

We know that every psychiatric problem and individual is different. Our expert witnesses recognize this and do their best to understand the impact and clarity of their testimonies. With Arrowhead Evaluation Services, you should expect straightforward psychiatry IME services provided by qualified professionals who are dedicated to ensuring client satisfaction and quick resolution of medical-legal cases.

We provide the necessary guidance and assistance when it comes to understanding the complexities of dealing with psychiatric medical-legal cases. That’s why we offer objective and evidence-based psychiatry independent medical evaluations and expert witness services that provide better claim insights while ensuring that a claimant’s case is resolved in a fair and swift way.

Our psychiatry expert witnesses include:

The AES Difference

With Arrowhead Evaluation Services, you can expect a patient-centric approach that is focused on ensuring patients are at ease through our knowledgeable and friendly staff who exhibit expert care and professionalism. With over 78 locations throughout California, getting a credible psychiatry IME is fast and convenient. Contact our team for more information or request an evaluation today.